Saterdag, 03 Julie 2010

SUBMIT OR RESIST-Whats that word starts with an H?

Keep the truth coming like a comedy machine gun. Cheers Neebur.

cheers Japsniper,us Fifers need all the comedy we can get

I think the word your looking for is Ambivalent, i dont care about the fate of humanity im just pointing out how stupid humans are.
maybe one day ill make so much money ill be able to buy the planet and save it from humans , ya gotta have a dream , mine is to be so rich i invest in china, prop up capitalism and fund the building of huge spaceships.

All life on earth is doomed except me, im gonna live 4 ever playing loud music in my car.
Whats that word starts with an H?


And the reve lotion or the revolution goes on

It's like soylent green now with more people...


Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Same old same old
Resist or submit?
posted by ♀ L's brain ♀ at 2:06 AM
submit is survive
resist is to brake
so ...simple

2:31 AM
Sumaiah said...
Resist, what's life if not a fight!

2:40 AM
unforgivable sinner said...
it depends..

10:05 PM
بصيص said...
You might've given us little more information to make it little bit easier for us to comment.

I tend to resist than submit, so there, I hope I have contributed, abeit modestly, to the big question.

1:37 AM 技術と、それに基づくデザインパターンとフレームワーク、部品化と再利用などの技術を理解し、近年のウェブ技術への展開を展望する。さらに、オープンなアプリケ

yep you contributed 知識メディア技術を例にとり、オブジェクト指向、オブジェクト指向,分散オブジェクト指向などの基盤ソフトウェア

and the revolution goes on and off

it's like soylent red now with more blood