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Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Same old same old
Resist or submit?
posted by ♀ L's brain ♀ at 2:06 AM
submit is survive
resist is to brake
so ...simple

2:31 AM
Sumaiah said...
Resist, what's life if not a fight!

2:40 AM
unforgivable sinner said...
it depends..

10:05 PM
بصيص said...
You might've given us little more information to make it little bit easier for us to comment.

I tend to resist than submit, so there, I hope I have contributed, abeit modestly, to the big question.

1:37 AM 技術と、それに基づくデザインパターンとフレームワーク、部品化と再利用などの技術を理解し、近年のウェブ技術への展開を展望する。さらに、オープンなアプリケ

yep you contributed 知識メディア技術を例にとり、オブジェクト指向、オブジェクト指向,分散オブジェクト指向などの基盤ソフトウェア

and the revolution goes on and off

it's like soylent red now with more blood

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