Sondag, 01 Augustus 2010


To You and You. and You 2.
IM SORRY! I Dont talk much.... that im not that social.. but if "Bonding" means talking about people behind their back! then consider me out!
and never count me in!
seriously!.. im disappointed..

you used to have a personality..
and when times were hard.. u always stood up to yourself..
true, you'd break down later. but not while the eyes were on you.
i was never that strong..
im too fucking sensitive..
but you were a lioness
now i cant even call u a coward chicken..

and i know.. you envy me somehow..
because i take my chances?
because if i made a mistake i'd get hurt and learn a lesson?

u have given up on that and on urself.. n u let her draw u the lines..
u disappeard
and i miss u
the old u
sometimes.. i think ur still there.. that one day u'll reappear to the surface..
but u no longer do..
u became a content sheep

u make me sad..

and the irony is..
you pity me..
while i pity you

god.. we're so different now..

such a shame..
such a shame..

Where's your will to be weird?

Posted by unforgivable sinner

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  1. Dear Mikael, I thank you for visiting "Cloning". I answered your interesting comment, look at it if you feel like doing it.
    I took a look at your "posts" and liked most: "maybe one day ill make so much money ill be able to buy the planet and save it from humans".

    P.S. Desculpe o meu inglês, mas depois de 18 anos na Alemanha perdi a prática.

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  2. I forgot to tell that I like "The fifth Element" a lot, I only can stand Bruce Willis in that film.

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