Dinsdag, 31 Maart 2015

SHARKS DON'T HAVE CANCER A BOOK FROM THE NINETIES OR SOME ....THEY DO THEY DO IT TAKES TIME AND EXTRAS In 2013 the First Great White Shark ever was discovered with a Cancerous Tumor, a species which Humans have been studying for ever and ever and never just all of a sudden pops up with a Cancer tumor two years after the Nuclear disaster in Japan.

But let us not forget the list of other extreme cases of environmental shock caused by the radiation exposure.
noticed a large tumor protruding from the mouth of a great white shark, as well as another mass on the head of a bronze whaler shark. The great white's tumor measured 1 foot (30 centimeters) long and 1 foot wide, according to a study describing the tumors published online in November in the Journal of Fish Diseases.

"This was a very unusual sight as we have never before seen a [great] white shark with tumors," said Rachel Robbins, a study co-author and shark biologist at the Fox Shark Research Foundation, near Adelaide, in southern Australia.



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