Sondag, 20 Junie 2010

War is Peace - OIL is Massacre

war is Peace

money is ignorance
ignorance is strenght

Peace is Oil

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  1. Powerful rich people are selfish
    We were free when we were killing the teenage indians

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  2. Rescue package saves rich people from embarassment and minor inconvenience -Real rulers of earth revealed , democracy just a sham say Ceasar and chums-In the uK Sarah brown meets sarah palin to discuss dead children
    nice yep

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  3. Tuesday, September 9
    I noticed that your gay.
    So pretty much school isn't as hard as i thought it was going to be yet, although the work is piling on I'm ready for it... not so much the reading parts but the work hell yeah bring it. It is hard having to find time to do my homework, dance, and hang out with friends at the same time. Dance isn't going well because Nutcracker is coming up and I'm wayyyyyyyyy out of shape not anywhere close to where i should be... I have to lose weight and get in better shape before nutcracker. I fucking already had a test in German and I don't get Mrs. Beich, she's so confusing.. I was supposed to go talk to Ms. Louie but I forgot for the second time!! I need to buy her coffee or something as an apology. I feel really bad. But yeah.. I want to work on my AP U.S history project but i have to catch up on the reading.. and then I have to read chapters 4 and 5 of my AP biology book, Briana told me that chapter 5 is fucking long and I should start reading now. I think i'll do that.. I have a test on Macromolecules and the Functional groups.
    School is gay.
    Posted by megan

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  4. September 3
    Getcha Groove On.
    Mmmm, first day of school.. superrrgh ! actually I really enjoyed seeing all the people I didn't see over the summer I couldn't be happier with my schedule this year, besides the fact that I don't have classes with my best friend Josh who is blowing me off and being a butthole!! I have 4 classes with Briana which was our intention haha, and we have lunch with only the coolest people ever, haha I think I'm going to be switched into AP US/History though, besides the fact that they already have a essay assigned.. because my history teacher.... well lets just say that will not go well, the only person I know in that class is Kateese whom I think is going to get out of it too.. haha I really wanted Snyder.. anyways, I have yet to go school shopping which I will be doing when my mom gets home.. I didn't have anything to use at all today so I sat there and did nothing.. Not so excited about German with Beich either, I wish I could do it 6th period with Louie but I have Athletic Med III and thats the only one of the day.
    ugh, first day of school is always the best and thats all I really want... School needs to be out for summer now.

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